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Over 20 years serving the South East

Located in North Georgia, Babb Boring, Inc. provides directional boring services throughout Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, North & South Carolina. In years past we also have done work in California, Texas, Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Arizona.

Dedicated to getting the job done

Some of the more frequent projects we do are:

Natural Gas Bores

Controlled Access Bores (gate systems)

Road & Highway bores

Irrigation System Boring

Landscape drainage bores

Horizontal Environmental Extraction Wells

On Grade Sewer & Water bores

Railroad crossings

Power and Communication bores

Pond, canal or creek crossings

Horizontal Soil Testing for Auger Bore


Commercial Parking Lots (Street lights to assist in replacement of damaged wires)

Boring under highways for the Department of Transportation, traffic camera wires & traffic signal wires.

Residential Car Charger bores (From a house to the driveway for an EV car charging station)

How we operate

Before we start drilling, we will utilize private locating technology, such as a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Radio Frequency locators, to detect any private utilities that could be in the bore path. During the boring process the operator can detect accurate depth readings and pinpoint locations insuring successful direction to the designated target. We take pride in our job sites and do our best to leave the least amount of disruption possible.

Family Owned and Operated​

A company you can trust​

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